Cross-readings along the axes of caused:

Refugia [EN] (2002)
This is thought to slow the rate of resistance mutation caused in susceptible insect and weed species by gene transfer from GM (Genetically Modi fied) monoculture crops.
A Cyborg Manifesto [EN] (1984)
The homework economy as a world capitalist organizational structure is made possible by (not caused by) the new technologies.
A Cyborg Manifesto [EN] (1984)
Radu Dracul survives a virus -caused plague in his outerworld planet to find himself with a time sense that changes the boundaries of spatial perception for the whole species.
S.C.U.M manifesto [EN] (1967)
It is the increase of fatherhood, resulting from the increased and widespread affluence that fatherhood needs in order to thrive, that has caused the general increase of mindlessness and the decline of women in the United States since the 1920s.