Cross-readings along the axes of error:

Glitch Feminism Manifesto [EN] (2012)
The glitch is the catalyst, not the error.
Glitch Feminism Manifesto [EN] (2012)
Though pejoratively dismissed all too frequently as an aspect of technical error, for me the glitch denotes an extension of the realm of foreplay, whether it be “play” with oneself, or with a virtualized other, imagined, or waiting just on the other side of the proverbial screen.
Glitch Feminism Manifesto [EN] (2012)
Urban Dictionary defines it as “an error in a structured system”; defines it as “a defect or malfunction in a machine or plan”.
Glitch Feminism Manifesto [EN] (2012)
Glitch Feminism, however, embraces the causality of “error” , and turns the gloomy implication of glitch on its ear by acknowledging that an “error” in a social system that has already been disturbed by economic, racial, social, sexual, and cultural stratification and the imperialist wrecking-ball of globalization—processes that continue to enact violence on all bodies— may not, in fact, be an “error” at all, but rather a much-needed erratum.
The Manifesto of Futurist Woman [EN] (1912)
Feminism is a political error.
The Manifesto of Futurist Woman [EN] (1912)
Feminism is a cerebral error of woman, an error that her instinct will recognize.
We infiltrate the machine with our hands, sweat and disperse attention, we prepare ourselves for inexact verification where the apparent error is desired, where we fail, fuck, we are.
Cyberfeminism is not [EN+DE+NL+FR] (1997)
15. cyberfeminism is not error 101.
Bitch Mutant Manifesto [EN] (1996)
The limit is permission denied, vision doubled, and flesh necrotic.. Command line error.
Glitch Manifesto [EN] (2009)
This is why an intended error can still be called glitch art and why glitch art is not always just a personal experience of shock, but has also become a genre; a schematic metaphor for a way of expression, that depends on multiple actors.
S.C.U.M manifesto [EN] (1967)
Since he's attempting to prove an error, he must "prove" it again and again.