Cross-readings along the axes of fails:

Glitch Feminism Manifesto [EN] (2012)
Yet, simultaneously, it is also the glitch that prompts us to “choose-our-own-adventure”, to finish the story, and, in doing so, to acknowledge that when the mediation of digital space fails us, albeit briefly, we continue right where we left off, taking the revolution offline, but not out of body, thereby demonstrating the fallacy of the digital dualist dialectic.
S.C.U.M manifesto [EN] (1967)
The "hippie" is enticed to the commune mainly by the prospect of all the free pussy--the main commodity to be shared, to be had just for the asking but, blinded by greed, he fails to anticipate all the other men he has to share with, or the jealousies and possessiveness of the pussies themselves.
A Cyborg Manifesto [EN] (1984)
A stressed system goes awry; its communication processes break down; it fails to recognize the difference between self and other.