Cross-readings along the axes of fight:

Manifesto for the Gynecene [EN] (2015)
Insofar as we cannot speak of “man” – the human species – as a unity, we have to support these struggles as interconnected and fight them simultaneously, we need to imagine and constantly discuss the connections and similarities as well as the contradictions arising.
Manifesto for the Gynecene [EN] (2015)
We support preservation of difference as a choice but without an obligation of difference, feminism as a fight for real freedom of choice.
Manifesto for the Gynecene [EN] (2015)
Also, the instrumentalisation and use by double standards of the concept of “freedom” is by no means a reason to abandon it altogether, but a reminder that we must constantly fight for it.
The Manifesto of Futurist Woman [EN] (1912)
Women are Furies, Amazons, Semiramis, Joans of Arc, Jeanne Hachettes, Judith and Charlotte Cordays, Cleopatras, and Messalinas: combative women who fight more ferociously than males, lovers who arouse, destroyers who break down the weakest and help select through pride or despair, “despair through which the heart yields its fullest return:’Let the next wars bring forth heroines like that magnificent Catherine Sforza, who, during the sack of her city, watching from the ramparts as her enemy threatened the life of her son to force her surrender, heroically pointing to her sexual organ, cried loudly: “Kill him, I still have the mold to make some more!” Yes, “the world is rotting with wisdom,” but by instinct, woman is not wise, is not a pacifist, is not good.
Glitch Manifesto [EN] (2009)
Dispute the operating templates of creative practice; fight genres and expectations!