Cross-readings along the axes of lab:

Pechblenda lab.
Pechblenda lab was born out of the necessity to generate a space in Calafou (a community in a large former industrial space) for us to flourish, a non-patriarchal TransHackFeminist space where free knowledge springs from raw experimentation (electronic repairs, experiments with turbines, bioelectrochemistry, sound .... ) and self education.
Gynepunk Manifesto [EN] (2014)
Patients are ignorant slaves of lab diagnosis technologies that send a message only translated and read by the doctors that in some kind of possession of the clinic oraculo have the only sacred truth.
The 3D Additivist Manifesto [EN] (2015)
17 Designs, blueprints and instructions for 3D printing: Tools of industrial espionage Tools for self-defense against armed assault Tools to disguise Tools to aid/disrupt surveillance Tools to raze/rebuild Objects beneficial in the promotion of protest, and unrest Objects for sealing and detaining Torture devices Instruments of chastity, and psychological derangement Sex machines Temporary Autonomous Drones Lab equipment used in the production of: Drugs Dietary supplements DNA Photopolymers and thermoplastics Stem cells Nanoparticles.