Cross-readings along the axes of poetry:

Cyberfeminist manifesto for the 21st century [EN] (1991)
we believe in jouissance madness holiness and poetry.
Xenofeminist manifesto [EN] (2015)
Poetry , sex, technology and pain are incandescent with this tension we have traced.
A Cyborg Manifesto [EN] (1984)
The rituals of poetry, music, and certain forms of academic practice have been pre-eminent.
A Cyborg Manifesto [EN] (1984)
The poetry and stories of US women of colour are repeatedly about writing, about access to the power to signify; but this dme that power must be neither phallic nor innocent.
A Cyborg Manifesto [EN] (1984)
Moraga's writing, her superb literacy, is presented in her poetry as the same kind of violation as Malinche's mastery of the conqueror's language -- a violation, an illegitimate production, that allows survival.