Cross-readings along the axes of races:

The Manifesto of Futurist Woman [EN] (1912)
To restore some virility to our races so benumbed in femininity, we have to train them in virility even to the point of brute animality.
Manifesto for the Gynecene [EN] (2015)
Only a strong belief – with universal ambitions – in equality of races and gender, in equal rights for women, queers, the poor and the disenfranchised, in negotiation with animal rights and the rights of inorganic entities – all linked together – can stand against and oppose an expansive and interconnected politics of exclusion, capitalist exploitation, religious fundamentalism, racism, sexism and brutal anthropocentrism.
A Cyborg Manifesto [EN] (1984)
Onshore, inside the boundary of the United States, Sister Outsider is a potential amidst the races and ethnic identities of women manipulated for division, competition, and exploitation in the same industries.