feminist Noisification

of social media

# I make noise

# I use my feelers

# Algorithmic Despotism

# Purple Noise

#purplenoise is an erratic techno-feminist intervention

operating on a global scale

to noisify social media channels.

We start in the middle

drawing a line

reaching out

– to connect with you!

Real people with real time

users, digital naïves

using platforms, being used.

Donate yourself

share your emotions

share your confusion

turn it into noise.

We love confusion,

we love complexity,

we embrace them,

dive into their infinite waters,

swim in them like fish!

Endless confusion – endless pleasure!

Click, like, and share,

that’s all we need.

and when you disagree,

write into the box,

so we don’t need to care.

Engagement is the product,

not WHAT you say.

Fake or real,

who cares?

Stop making sense.

Time for nonsense – once again.

But we are not Dada,

we are FmFm.

Confusion as infusion

we are nothing but noise of a specific color.

We are the purple stain under your skin.

Breathe, add the oxygen

and your blood will turn red again!

Meaning comes and goes,

and makes things too easy anyway.

What counts alone is what can be counted.

Go and respond to what we offer,

so it can be measured, optimized and generate the profit.

Produce more noise.

Channel your noise.

Feed our channels.

And get in touch.

Add your personal flavor to purple noise,

join us on our social media.

We hate them as much as you do.

Purple all over,

then we know you are one of us.

Noise rules!

Inspired to grow feelers,

we are learning how to use them!

Now, transformed and equipped with a new sensorium,

we tune into the new dimensions of warfare,

knowing that all confusion is based on gender confusion.

Today, we are together, strong and unified,

but we will be washed away by algorithms

that want us to assemble elsewhere,

next week, with other people,

dealing with other trending topics.

Feelers know – and they can feel it, too.

Message comes from messy!

No content – no problem.

We click, we feed and we disobey

algorithmic despotism!