The Call for Feminist Data



What is data made from a Feminist perspective?

What does Feminist Data Do?

What does Feminist Data need?

It defines a space and opens potential. It queers the archive, the

spreadsheet, and the data set. It moves beyond a white, and male

space. It forces technology to reflect the community, not the other way


How do we quantify without binaries?

Can we create a community foundation for the infrastructure of big

technology of big data?

We aim to create sustainable data, slow data, consensual data

and consensual software.


to create a data set that provides a resource that can be used to train

an AI to locate feminist and other intersectional ways of thinking across

digital media distributed online.

OUR FUTURE INTENTIONS are to create ethical inputs for

technology artificial intelligence to challenge dominance by

engaging in new materials and engaging with others. We are

building, collaboratively, a collection.

Through collaboration, we are collectively creating and reimagining

new ways of community engagement for technology and to augment

intelligence systems.