1967 S.C.U.M manifesto [EN]


Manifesto Society for Cutting Up Men

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Valerie Solanas


Life in this society being at best an utter bore and no aspect of society being at all relevant to women there remains to civic minded responsible thrill seeking females only to overthrow the government eliminate the money system institute complete automation and destroy the male sex

It is now technically possible to reproduce without the aid of males or for that matter females and to produce only females

We must begin immediately to do so

The male is a biological accident the y male gene is an incomplete x female gene that is has an incomplete set of chromosomes

In other words the male is an incomplete female a walking abortion aborted at the gene stage

To be male is to be deficient emotionally limited maleness is a deficiency disease and males are emotional cripples

The male is completely egocentric trapped inside himself incapable of empathizing or identifying with others of love friendship affection or tenderness

He is a completely isolated unit incapable of rapport with anyone

His responses are entirely visceral not cerebral his intelligence is a mere tool in the service of his drives and needs he is incapable of mental passion mental interaction he can t relate to anything other than his own physical sensations

He is a half dead unresponsive lump incapable of giving or receiving pleasure or happiness consequently he is at best an utter bore an inoffensive blob since only those capable of absorption in others can be charming

He is trapped in a twilight zone halfway between humans and apes and is far worse off than the apes because unlike the apes he is capable of a large array of negative feelings hate jealousy contempt disgust guilt shame doubt and moreover he is aware or what he is or isn t

Although completely physical the male is unfit even for stud service

Even assuming mechanical proficiency which few men have he is first of all incapable of zestfully lustfully tearing off a piece but is instead eaten up with guilt shame fear and insecurity feelings rooted in male nature which the most enlightened training can only minimize second the physical feeling he attains is next to nothing and third he is not empathizing with his partner but is obsessed with how he s doing turning in an A performance doing a good plumbing job

To call a man an animal is to flatter him he s a machine a walking dildo

It s often said that men use women

Use them for what

Surely not pleasure

Eaten up with guilt shame fears and insecurities and obtaining if he s lucky a barely perceptible physical feeling the male is nonetheless obsessed with screwing he ll swim a river of snot wade nostril deep through a mile of vomit if he thinks there ll be a friendly pussy awaiting him

He ll screw a woman he despises any snaggle toothed hag and furthermore pay for the opportunity


Relieving physical tension isn t the answer as masturbation suffices for that

It s not ego satisfaction that doesn t explain screwing corpses and babies

Completely egocentric unable to relate empathize or identify and filled with a vast pervasive diffuse sexuality the male is psychically passive

He hates his passivity so he projects it onto women defines the male as active then sets out to prove that he is prove he s a Man

His main means of attempting to prove it is screwing Big Man with a Big Dick tearing off a Big Piece

Since he s attempting to prove an error he must prove it again and again

Screwing then is a desperate compulsive attempt to prove he s not passive not a woman but he is passive and does want to be a woman

Being an incomplete female the male spends his life attempting to complete himself to become female

He attempts to do this by constantly seeking out fraternizing with and trying to live through and fuse with the female and by claiming as his own all female characteristics emotional strength and independence forcefulness dynamism decisiveness coolness objectivity assertiveness courage integrity vitality intensity depth of character grooviness etc

and projecting onto women all male traits vanity frivolity triviality weakness etc

It should be said though that the male has one glaring area of superiority over the female public relations

He has done a brilliant job of convincing millions of women that men are women and women are men

The male claim that females find fulfillment through motherhood and sexuality reflects what males think they d find fulfilling if they were female

Women in other words don t have penis envy men have pussy envy

When the male accepts his passivity defines himself as a woman males as well as females think men are women and women are men and becomes a transvestite he loses his desire to screw or to do anything else for that matter he fulfills himself as a drag queen and gets his cock chopped off

He then achieves a continuous diffuse sexual feeling from being a woman

Screwing is for a man a defense against his desire to be female

Sex is itself a sublimation

The male because of his obsession to compensate for not being female combined with his inability to relate and to feel compassion has made of the world a shitpile

He is responsible for War The male s normal method of compensation for not being female namely getting his Big Gun off is grossly inadequate as he can get it off only a very limited number of times so he gets it off on a really massive scale and proves to the entire world that he s a Man

Since he has no compassion or ability to empathize or identify proving his manhood is worth an endless number of lives including his own his own life being worthless he would rather go out in a blaze of glory than plod grimly on for fifty more years

Niceness Politeness and Dignity Every man deep down knows he s a worthless piece of shit

Overwhelmed by a sense of animalism and deeply ashamed of it wanting not to express himself but to hide from others his total physicality total egocentricity the hate and contempt he feels for other men and to hide from himself the hate and contempt he suspects other men feel for him having a crudely constructed nervous system that is easily upset by the least display of emotion or feeling the male tries to enforce a social code that ensures a perfect blandness unsullied by the slightest trace of feeling or upsetting opinion

He uses terms like copulate sexual congress have relations with to men sexual relations is a redundancy overlaid with stilted manners the suit on the chimp

Money Marriage and Prostitution Work and Prevention of an Automated Society There is no human reason for money or for anyone to work more than two or three hours a week at the very most

All non creative jobs practically all jobs now being done could have been automated long ago and in a moneyless society everyone can have as much of the best of everything as she wants

But there are non human male reasons for maintaining the money work system 1


Despising his highly inadequate self overcome with intense anxiety and a deep profound loneliness when by his empty self desperate to attach himself to any female in dim hopes of completing himself in the mystical belief that by touching gold he ll turn to gold the male craves the continuous companionship of women

The company of the lowest female is preferable to his own or that of other men who serve only to remind him of his repulsiveness

But females unless very young or very sick must be coerced or bribed into male company


Supply the non relating male with the delusion of usefulness and enable him to try to justify his existence by digging holes and filling them up

Leisure time horrifies the male who will have nothing to do but contemplate his grotesque self

Unable to relate or to love the male must work

Females crave absorbing emotionally satisfying meaningful activity but lacking the opportunity or ability for this they prefer to idle and waste away their time in ways of their own choosing sleeping shopping bowling shooting pool playing cards and other games breeding reading walking around daydreaming eating playing with themselves popping pills going to the movies getting analyzed traveling raising dogs and cats lolling on the beach swimming watching T V listening to music decorating their houses gardening sewing nightclubbing dancing visiting improving their minds taking courses and absorbing culture lectures plays concerts arty movies

Therefore many females would even assuming complete economic equality between the sexes prefer living with males or peddling their asses on the street thus having most of their time for themselves to spending many hours of their days doing boring stultifying non creative work for somebody else functioning as less than animals as machines or at best if able to get a good job co managing the shitpile

What will liberate women therefore from male control is the total elimination of the money work system not the attainment of economic equality with men within it


Power and control

Unmasterful in his personal relations with women the male attains to general masterfulness by the manipulation of money and of everything and everybody controlled by money in other words of everything and everybody


Love substitute

Unable to give love or affection the male gives money

It makes him feel motherly

The mother gives milk he gives bread

He is the Breadwinner


Provides the male with a goal

Incapable of enjoying the moment the male needs something to look forward to and money provides him with an eternal never ending goal Just think what you could do with 80 trillion dollars Invest it

And in three years time you d have 300 trillion dollars


Provides the basis for the male s major opportunity to control and manipulate fatherhood

Fatherhood and Mental Illness fear cowardice timidity humility insecurity passivity Mother wants what s best for her kids Daddy only wants what s best for Daddy that is peace and quiet pandering to his delusion of dignity respect a good reflection on himself status and the opportunity to control and manipulate or if he s an enlightened father to give guidance

His daughter in addition he wants sexually he gives her hand in marriage the other part is for him

Daddy unlike Mother can never give in to his kids as he must at all costs preserve his delusion of decisiveness forcefulness always rightness and strength

Never getting one s way leads to lack of self confidence in one s ability to cope with the world and to a passive acceptance of the status quo

Mother loves her kids although she sometimes gets angry but anger blows over quickly and even while it exists doesn t preclude love and basic acceptance

Emotionally diseased Daddy doesn t love his kids he approves of them if they re good that is if they re nice respectful obedient subservient to his will quiet and not given to unseemly displays of temper that would be most upsetting to Daddy s easily disturbed male nervous system in other words if they re passive vegetables

If they re not good he doesn t get angry not if he s a modern civilized father the old fashioned ranting raving brute is preferable as he is so ridiculous he can be easily despised but rather expresses disapproval a state that unlike anger endures and precludes a basic acceptance leaving the kid with a feeling of worthlessness and a lifelong obsession with being approved of the result is fear of independent thought as this leads to unconventional disapproved of opinions and way of life

For the kid to want Daddy s approval it must respect Daddy and being garbage Daddy can make sure that he is respected only by remaining aloof by distantness by acting on the precept familiarity breeds contempt which is of course true if one is contemptible

By being distant and aloof he is able to remain unknown mysterious and thereby to inspire fear respect

Disapproval of emotional scenes leads to fear of strong emotion fear of one s own anger and hatred and to a fear of facing reality as facing it leads at first to anger and hatred

Fear of anger and hatred combined with a lack of self confidence in one s ability to cope with and change the world or even to affect in the slightest way one s own destiny leads to a mindless belief that the world and most people in it are nice and that the most banal trivial amusements are great fun and deeply pleasurable

The effect of fatherhood on males specifically is to make them Men that is highly defensive of all impulses to passivity faggotry and of desires to be female

Every boy wants to imitate his mother be her fuse with her but Daddy forbids this he is the mother he gets to fuse with her

So he tells the boy sometimes directly sometimes indirectly to not be a sissy to act like a Man

The boy scared shitless of and respecting his father complies and becomes just like Daddy that model of Man hood the all American ideal the well behaved heterosexual dullard

The effect of fatherhood on females is to make them male dependent passive domestic animalistic nice insecure approval and security seekers cowardly humble respectful of authorities and men closed not fully responsive half dead trivial dull conventional flattened out and thoroughly contemptible

Daddy s Girl always tense and fearful uncool unanalytical lacking objectivity appraises Daddy and thereafter other men against a background of fear respect and is not only unable to see the empty shell behind the aloof facade but accepts the male definition of himself as superior as a female and of herself as inferior as a male which thanks to Daddy she really is

It is the increase of fatherhood resulting from the increased and widespread affluence that fatherhood needs in order to thrive that has caused the general increase of mindlessness and the decline of women in the United States since the 1920s

The close association of affluence with fatherhood has led for the most part to only the wrong girls namely the privileged middle class girls getting educated

The effect of fathers in sum has been to corrode the world with maleness

The male has a negative Midas touch everything he touches turns to shit

Suppression of Individuality Animalism domesticity and motherhood and Functionalism The male is just a bundle of conditioned reflexes incapable of a mentally free response he is tied to his early conditioning determined completely by his past experiences

His earliest experiences are with his mother and he is throughout his life tied to her

It never becomes completely clear to the male that he is not part of his mother that he is he and she is she

His greatest need is to be guided sheltered protected and admired by Mama men expect women to adore what men shrink from in horror themselves and being completely physical he yearns to spend his time that s not spent out in the world grimly defending against his passivity wallowing in basic animal activities eating sleeping shitting relaxing and being soothed by Mama

Passive rattle headed Daddy s Girl ever eager for approval for a pat on the head for the respect of any passing piece of garbage is easily reduced to Mama mindless ministrator to physical needs soother of the weary apey brow booster of the puny ego appreciator of the contemptible a hot water bottle with tits

The reduction to animals of the women of the most backward segment of society the privileged educated middle class the backwash of humanity where Daddy reigns supreme has been so thorough that they try to groove on labor pains and lie around in the most advanced nation in the world in the middle of the twentieth century with babies chomping away on their tits

It s not for the kids sake though that the experts tell women that Mama should stay home and grovel in animalism but for Daddy s the tit s for Daddy to hang onto the labor pains for Daddy to vicariously groove on half dead he needs awfully strong stimuli to make him respond

Reducing the female to an animal to Mama to a male is necessary for psychological as well as practical reasons the male is a mere member of the species interchangeable with every other male

He has no deep seated individuality which stems from what intrigues you what outside yourself absorbs you what you re in relation to

Completely self absorbed capable of being in relation only to their bodies and physical sensations males differ from each other only to the degree and in the ways they attempt to defend against their passivity and against their desire to be female

The female s individuality which he is acutely aware of but which he doesn t comprehend and isn t capable of relating to or grasping emotionally frightens and upsets him and fills him with envy

So he denies it in her and proceeds to define everyone in terms of his or her function or use assigning to himself of course the most important functions doctor president scientist thereby providing himself with an identity if not individuality and tries to convince himself and women he s succeeded best at convincing women that the female function is to bear and raise children and to relax comfort and boost the ego of the male that her function is such as to make her interchangeable with every other female

In actual fact the female function is to relate groove love and be herself irreplaceable by anyone else the male function is to produce sperm

We now have sperm banks

Prevention of Privacy Although the male being ashamed of what he is and of almost everything he does insists on privacy and secrecy in all aspects of his life he has no real regard for privacy

Being empty not being a complete separate being having no self to groove on and needing to be constantly in female company he sees nothing at all wrong in intruding himself on any woman s thoughts even a total stranger s anywhere at any time but rather feels indignant and insulted when put down for doing so as well as confused he can t for the life of him understand why anyone would prefer so much as one minute of solitude to the company of any creep around

Wanting to become a woman he strives to be constantly around females which is the closest he can get to becoming one so he created a society based on the family a male female couple and their kids the excuse for the family s existence who live virtually on top of one another unscrupulously violating the females rights privacy and sanity

Isolation Suburbs and Prevention of Community Our society is not a community but merely a collection of isolated family units

Desperately insecure fearing his woman will leave him if she is exposed to other men or to anything remotely resembling life the male seeks to isolate her from other men and from what little civilization there is so he moves her out to the suburbs a collection of self absorbed couples and their kids

Isolation enables him to try to maintain his pretense of being an individual by becoming a rugged individualist a loner equating non co operation and solitariness with individuality

There is yet another reason for the male to isolate himself every man is an island

Trapped inside himself emotionally isolated unable to relate the male has a horror of civilization people cities situations requiring an ability to understand and relate to people

So like a scared rabbit he scurries off dragging Daddy s little asshole along with him to the wilderness the suburbs or in the case of the hippie he s way out Man

all the way out to the cow pasture where he can fuck and breed undisturbed and mess around with his beads and flute

The hippie whose desire to be a Man a rugged individualist isn t quite as strong as the average man s and who in addition is excited by the thought of having lots of women accessible to him rebels against the harshness of a Breadwinner s life and the monotony of one woman

In the name of sharing and co operation he forms the commune or tribe which for all its togetherness and partly because of it the commune being an extended family is an extended violation of the females rights privacy and sanity is no more a community than normal society

A true community consists of individuals not mere species members not couples respecting each other s individuality and privacy at the same time interacting with each other mentally and emotionally free spirits in free relation to each other and co operating with each other to achieve common ends

Traditionalists say the basic unit of society is the family hippies say the tribe no one says the individual

The hippie babbles on about individuality but has no more conception of it than any other man

He desires to get back to Nature back to the wilderness back to the home of the furry animals that he s one of away from the city where there is at least a trace a bare beginning of civilization to live at the species level his time taken up with simple non intellectual activities farming fucking bead stringing

The most important activity of the commune the one on which it is based is gangbanging

The hippie is enticed to the commune mainly by the prospect of all the free pussy the main commodity to be shared to be had just for the asking but blinded by greed he fails to anticipate all the other men he has to share with or the jealousies and possessiveness of the pussies themselves

Men cannot co operate to achieve a common end because each man s end is all the pussy for himself

The commune therefore is doomed to failure each hippie will in panic grab the first simpleton who digs him and whisk her off to the suburbs as fast as he can

The male cannot progress socially but merely swings back and forth from isolation to gangbanging

Conformity Although he wants to be an individual the male is scared of anything in himself that is the slightest bit different from other men it causes him to suspect that he s not really a Man that he s passive and totally sexual a highly upsetting suspicion

If other men are A and he s not he must not be a man he must be a fag

So he tries to affirm his Manhood by being like all the other men

Differentness in other men as well as in himself threatens him it means they re fags whom he must at all costs avoid so he tries to make sure that all other men conform

The male dares to be different to the degree that he accepts his passivity and his desire to be female his fagginess

The farthest out male is the drag queen but he although different from most men is exactly like all other drag queens like the functionalist he has an identity he is a female

He tries to define all his troubles away but still no individuality

Not completely convinced that he s a woman highly insecure about being sufficiently female he conforms compulsively to the man made feminine stereotype ending up as nothing but a bundle of stilted mannerisms

To be sure he s a Man the male must see to it that the female be clearly a Woman the opposite of a Man that is the female must act like a faggot

And Daddy s Girl all of whose female instincts were wrenched out of her when little easily and obligingly adapts herself to the role

Authority and Government Having no sense of right or wrong no conscience which can only stem from an ability to empathize with others having no faith in his non existent self being necessarily competitive and by nature unable to co operate the male feels a need for external guidance and control

So he created authorities priests experts bosses leaders etc

and government

Wanting the female Mama to guide him but unable to accept this fact he is after all a MAN wanting to play Woman to usurp her function as Guider and Protector he sees to it that all authorities are male

There s no reason why a society consisting of rational beings capable of empathizing with each other complete and having no natural reason to compete should have a government laws or leaders

Philosophy Religion and Morality Based on Sex The male s inability to relate to anybody or anything makes his life pointless and meaningless the ultimate male insight is that life is absurd so he invented philosophy and religion

Being empty he looks outward not only for guidance and control but for salvation and for the meaning of life

Happiness being for him impossible on this earth he invented Heaven

For a man having no ability to empathize with others and being totally sexual wrong is sexual license and engaging in deviant unmanly sexual practices that is not defending against his passivity and total sexuality which if indulged would destroy civilization since civilization is based entirely on the male need to defend himself against these characteristics

For a woman according to men wrong is any behavior that would entice men into sexual license that is not placing male needs above her own and not being a faggot

Religion not only provides the male with a goal Heaven and helps keep women tied to men but offers rituals through which he can try to expiate the guilt and shame he feels at not defending himself enough against his sexual impulses in essence that guilt and shame he feels at being a male

Most men utterly cowardly project their inherent weaknesses onto women label them female weaknesses and believe themselves to have female strengths most philosophers not quite so cowardly face the fact that male lacks exist in men but still can t face the fact that they exist in men only

So they label the male condition the Human Condition pose their nothingness problem which horrifies them as a philosophical dilemma thereby giving stature to their animalism grandiloquently label their nothingness their Identity Problem and proceed to prattle on pompously about the Crisis of the Individual the Essence of Being Existence preceding Essence Existential Modes of Being etc etc

A woman not only takes her identity and individuality for granted but knows instinctively that the only wrong is to hurt others and that the meaning of life is love

Prejudice racial ethnic religious etc

The male needs scapegoats onto whom he can project his failings and inadequacies and upon whom he can vent his frustration at not being female

Competition Prestige Status Formal Education Ignorance and Social and Economic Classes Having an obsessive desire to be admired by women but no intrinsic worth the male constructs a highly artificial society enabling him to appropriate the appearance of worth through money prestige high social class degrees professional position and knowledge and by pushing as many other men as possible down professionally socially economically and educationally

The purpose of higher education is not to educate but to exclude as many as possible from the various professions

The male totally physical incapable of mental rapport although able to understand and use knowledge and ideas is unable to relate to them to grasp them emotionally he does not value knowledge and ideas for their own sake they re just means to ends and consequently feels no need for mental companions no need to cultivate the intellectual potentialities of others

On the contrary the male has a vested interest in ignorance he knows that an enlightened aware female population will mean the end of him

The healthy conceited female wants the company of equals whom she can respect and groove on the male and the sick insecure unself confident male female crave the company of worms

No genuine social revolution can be accomplished by the male as the male on top wants the status quo and all the male on the bottom wants is to be the male on top

The male rebel is a farce this is the male s society made by him to satisfy his needs

He s never satisfied because he s not capable of being satisfied

Ultimately what the male rebel is rebelling against is being male

The male changes only when forced to do so by technology when he has no choice when society reaches the stage where he must change or die

We re at that stage now if women don t get their asses in gear fast we may very well all die

Prevention of Conversation Being completely self centered and unable to relate to anything outside himself the male s conversation when not about himself is an impersonal droning on removed from anything of human value

Male intellectual conversation is a strained compulsive attempt to impress the female

Daddy s Girl passive adaptable respectful of and in awe of the male allows him to impose his hideously dull chatter on her

This is not too difficult for her as the tension and anxiety the lack of cool the insecurity and self doubt the unsureness of her own feelings and sensations that Daddy instilled in her make her perceptions superficial and render her unable to see that the male s babble is a babble like the aesthete appreciating the blob that s labeled Great Art she believes she s grooving on what bores the shit out of her

Not only does she permit his babble to dominate she adapts her own conversation accordingly

Trained from early childhood in niceness politeness and dignity in pandering to the male need to disguise his animalism she obligingly reduces her conversation to small talk a bland insipid avoidance of any topic beyond the utterly trivial or if educated to intellectual discussion that is impersonal discoursing on irrelevant abstractions the Gross National Product the Common Market the influence of Rimbaud on symbolist painting

So adept is she at pandering that it eventually becomes second nature and she continues to pander to men even when in the company of other females only

Apart from pandering her conversation is further limited by her insecurity about expressing deviant original opinions and the self absorption based on insecurity and that prevents her conversation from being charming

Niceness politeness dignity insecurity and self absorption are hardly conducive to intensity and wit qualities a conversation must have to be worthy of the name

Such conversation is hardly rampant as only completely self confident arrogant outgoing proud tough minded females are capable of intense bitchy witty conversation

Prevention of Friendship Love Men have contempt for themselves for all other men and for all women who respect and pander to them the insecure approval seeking pandering male females have contempt for themselves and for all women like them the self confident swinging thrill seeking female females have contempt for men and for the pandering male females

In short contempt is the order of the day

Love is not dependency or sex but friendship and therefore love can t exist between two males between a male and a female or between two females one or both of whom is a mindless insecure pandering male like conversation love can exist only between two secure free wheeling independent groovy female females since friendship is based on respect not contempt

Even among groovy females deep friendships seldom occur in adulthood as almost all of them are either tied up with men in order to survive economically or bogged down in hacking their way through the jungle and in trying to keep their heads above the amorphous mass

Love can t flourish in a society based on money and meaningless work it requires complete economic as well as personal freedom leisure time and the opportunity to engage in intensely absorbing emotionally satisfying activities which when shared with those you respect lead to deep friendship

Our society provides practically no opportunity to engage in such activities

Having stripped the world of conversation friendship and love the male offers us these paltry substitutes Great Art and Culture The male artist attempts to solve his dilemma of not being able to live of not being female by constructing a highly artificial world in which the male is heroized that is displays female traits and the female is reduced to highly limited insipid subordinate roles that is to being male

The male artistic aim being not to communicate having nothing inside him he has nothing to say but to disguise his animalism he resorts to symbolism and obscurity deep stuff

The vast majority of people particularly the educated ones lacking faith in their own judgment humble respectful of authority Daddy knows best is translated into adult language as Critic knows best Writer knows best Ph D knows best are easily conned into believing that obscurity evasiveness incomprehensibility indirectness ambiguity and boredom are marks of depth and brilliance

Great Art proves that men are superior to women that men are women being labeled Great Art almost all of which as the anti feminists are fond of reminding us was created by men

We know that Great Art is great because male authorities have told us so and we can t claim otherwise as only those with exquisite sensitivities far superior to ours can perceive and appreciate the greatness the proof of their superior sensitivity being that they appreciate the slop that they appreciate

Appreciating is the sole diversion of the cultivated passive and incompetent lacking imagination and wit they must try to make do with that unable to create their own diversions to create a little world of their own to affect in the smallest way their environments they must accept what s given unable to create or relate they spectate

Absorbing culture is a desperate frantic attempt to groove in an ungroovy world to escape the horror of a sterile mindless existence

Culture provides a sop to the egos of the incompetent a means of rationalizing passive spectating they can pride themselves on their ability to appreciate the finer things to see a jewel where there is only a turd they want to be admired for admiring

Lacking faith in their ability to change anything resigned to the status quo they have to see beauty in turds because so far as they can see turds are all they ll ever have

The veneration of Art and Culture besides leading many women into boring passive activity that distracts from more important and rewarding activities from cultivating active abilities allows the artist to be set up as one possessing superior feelings perceptions insights and judgments thereby undermining the faith of insecure women in the value and validity of their own feelings perceptions insights and judgments

The male having a very limited range of feelings and consequently very limited perceptions insights and judgments needs the artist to guide him to tell him what life is all about

But the male artist being totally sexual unable to relate to anything beyond his own physical sensations having nothing to express beyond the insight that for the male life is meaningless and absurd cannot be an artist

How can he who is not capable of life tell us what life is all about

A male artist is a contradiction in terms

A degenerate can only produce degenerate art

The true artist is every self confident healthy female and in a female society the only Art the only Culture will be conceited kookie funky females grooving on each other and on everything else in the universe

Sexuality Sex is not part of a relationship on the contrary it is a solitary experience non creative a gross waste of time

The female can easily far more easily than she may think condition away her sex drive leaving her completely cool and cerebral and free to pursue truly worthy relationships and activities but the male who seems to dig women sexually and who seeks constantly to arouse them stimulates the highly sexed female to frenzies of lust throwing her into a sex bag from which few women ever escape

The lecherous male excited the lustful female he has to when the female transcends her body rises above animalism the male whose ego consists of his cock will disappear

Sex is the refuge of the mindless

And the more mindless the woman the more deeply embedded in the male culture in short the nicer she is the more sexual she is

The nicest women in our society are raving sex maniacs

But being just awfully awfully nice they don t of course descend to fucking that s uncouth rather they make love commune by means of their bodies and establish sensual rapport the literary ones are attuned to the throb of Eros and attain a clutch upon the Universe the religious have spiritual communion with the Divine Sensualism the mystics merge with the Erotic Principle and blend with the Cosmos and the acid heads contact their erotic cells

On the other hand those females least embedded in the male Culture the least nice those crass and simple souls who reduce fucking to fucking who are too childish for the grown up world of suburbs mortgages mops and baby shit too selfish to raise kids and husbands too uncivilized to give a shit for anyone s opinion of them too arrogant to respect Daddy the Greats or the deep wisdom of the Ancients who trust only their own animal gutter instincts who equate Culture with chicks whose sole diversion is prowling for emotional thrills and excitement who are given to disgusting nasty upsetting scenes hateful violent bitches given to slamming those who unduly irritate them in the teeth who d sink a shiv into a man s chest or ram an icepick up his asshole as soon as look at him if they knew they could get away with it in short those who by the standards of our culture are SCUM these females are cool and relatively cerebral and skirting asexuality

Unhampered by propriety niceness discretion public opinion morals the respect of assholes always funky dirty low down SCUM gets around and around and around they ve seen the whole show every bit of it the fucking scene the sucking scene the dyke scene they ve covered the whole waterfront been under every dock and pier the peter pier the pussy pier you ve got to go through a lot of sex to get to anti sex and SCUM s been through it all and they re now ready for a new show they want to crawl out from under the dock move take off sink out

But SCUM doesn t yet prevail SCUM s still in the gutter of our society which if it s not deflected from its present course and if the Bomb doesn t drop on it will hump itself to death

Boredom Life in a society made by and for creatures who when they are not grim and depressing are utter bores can only be when not grim and depressing an utter bore

Secrecy Censorship Suppression of Knowledge and Ideas and Exposes Every male s deep seated secret most hideous fear is the fear of being discovered to be not a female but a male a subhuman animal

Although niceness politeness and dignity suffice to prevent his exposure on a personal level in order to prevent the general exposure of the male sex as a whole and to maintain his unnatural dominant position in society the male must resort to 1


Responding reflexively to isolated words and phrases rather than cerebrally to overall meanings the male attempts to prevent the arousal and discovery of his animalism by censoring not only pornography but any work containing dirty words no matter in what context they are used


Suppression of all ideas and knowledge that might expose him or threaten his dominant position in society

Much biological and psychological data is suppressed because it is proof of the male s gross inferiority to the female

Also the problem of mental illness will never be solved while the male maintains control because first men have a vested interest in it only females who have very few of their marbles will allow males the slightest bit of control over anything and second the male cannot admit to the role that fatherhood plays in causing mental illness



The male s chief delight in life insofar as the dense grim male can ever be said to delight in anything is in exposing others

It doesn t much matter what they re exposed as so long as they re exposed it distracts attention from himself

Exposing others as enemy agents Communists and Socialists is one of his favorite pastimes as it removes the source of the threat to him not only from himself but from the country and the Western world

The bugs up his ass aren t in him they re in Russia

Distrust Unable to empathize or feel affection or loyalty being exclusively out for himself the male has no sense of fair play cowardly needing constantly to pander to the female to win her approval that he is helpless without always on edge lest his animalism his maleness be discovered always needing to cover up he must lie constantly being empty he has no honor or integrity he doesn t know what those words mean

The male in short is treacherous and the only appropriate attitude in a male society is cynicism and distrust

Ugliness Being totally sexual incapable of cerebral or aesthetic responses totally materialistic and greedy the male besides inflicting on the world Great Art has decorated his unlandscaped cities with ugly buildings both inside and out ugly decors billboards highways cars garbage trucks and most notably his own putrid self

Hate and Violence The male is eaten up with tension with frustration at not being female at not being capable of ever achieving satisfaction or pleasure of any kind eaten up with hate not rational hate that is directed against those who abuse or insult you but irrational indiscriminate hate hatred at bottom of his own worthless self

Violence serves as an outlet for his hate and in addition the male being capable only of sexual responses and needing very strong stimuli to stimulate his half dead self provides him with a little sexual thrill

Disease and Death All diseases are curable and the aging process and death are due to disease it is possible therefore never to age and to live forever

In fact the problems of aging and death could be solved within a few years if an all out massive scientific assault were made on the problem

This however will not occur within the male establishment because 1

The many male scientists who shy away from biological research terrified of the discovery that males are females and show marked preference for virile manly war and death programs


The discouragement of many potential scientists from scientific careers by the rigidity boringness expensiveness time consumingness and unfair exclusivity of our higher educational system


Propaganda disseminated by insecure male professionals who jealously guard their positions so that only a highly select few can comprehend abstract scientific concepts


Widespread lack of self confidence brought about by the father system that discourages many talented girls from becoming scientists


Lack of automation

There now exists a wealth of data which if sorted out and correlated would reveal the cure for cancer and several other diseases and possibly the key to life itself

But the data is so massive it requires high speed computers to correlate it all

The institution of computers will be delayed interminably under the male control system since the male has a horror of being replaced by machines


The money system s insatiable need for new products

Most of the few scientists around who aren t working on death programs are tied up doing research for corporations


The male likes death it excites him sexually and already dead inside he wants to die

Incapable of a positive state of happiness which is the only thing that can justify one s existence the male is at best relaxed comfortable neutral and this condition is extremely short lived as boredom a negative state soon sets in he is therefore doomed to an existence of suffering relieved only by occasional fleeting stretches of restfulness which state he can achieve only at the expense of some female

The male is by his very nature a leech an emotional parasite and therefore not ethically entitled to live as no one has the right to live at someone else s expense

Just as humans have a prior right to existence over dogs by virtue of being more highly evolved and having a superior consciousness so women have a prior right to existence over men

The elimination of any male is therefore a righteous and good act an act highly beneficial to women as well as an act of mercy

However this moral issue will eventually be rendered academic by the fact that the male is gradually eliminating himself

In addition to engaging in the time honored and classical wars and race riots men are more and more either becoming fags or are obliterating themselves through drugs

The female whether she likes it or not will eventually take complete charge if for no other reason than that she will have to the male for practical purposes won t exist

Accelerating this trend is the fact that more and more males are acquiring enlightened self interest they re realizing more and more that the female interest is their interest that they can live only through the female and that the more the female is encouraged to live to fulfill herself to be a female and not a male the more nearly he lives he s coming to see that it s easier and more satisfactory to live through her than to try to become her and usurp her qualities claim them as his own push the female down and claim she s a male

The fag who accepts his maleness that is his passivity and total sexuality his femininity is also best served by women being truly female as it would then be easier for him to be male feminine

If men were wise they would seek to become really female would do intensive biological research that would lead to men by means of operations on the brain and nervous system being able to be transformed in psyche as well as body into women

Whether to continue to use females for reproduction or to reproduce in the laboratory will also become academic what will happen when every female twelve and over is routinely taking the Pill and there are no longer any accidents

How many women will deliberately get or if an accident remain pregnant

No Virginia women don t just adore being brood mares despite what the mass of robot brainwashed women will say

When society consists of only the fully conscious the answer will be none

Should a certain percentage of women be set aside by force to serve as brood mares for the species

Obviously this will not do

The answer is laboratory reproduction of babies

As for the issue of whether or not to continue to reproduce males it doesn t follow that because the male like disease has always existed among us that he should continue to exist

When genetic control is possible and it soon will be it goes without saying that we should produce only whole complete beings not physical defects or deficiencies including emotional deficiencies such as maleness

Just as the deliberate production of blind people would be highly immoral so would be the deliberate production of emotional cripples

Why produce even females

Why should there be future generations

What is their purpose

When aging and death are eliminated why continue to reproduce

Why should we care what happens when we re dead

Why should we care that there is no younger generation to succeed us

Eventually the natural course of events of social evolution will lead to total female control of the world and subsequently to the cessation of the production of males and ultimately to the cessation of the production of females

But SCUM is impatient SCUM is not consoled by the thought that future generations will thrive SCUM wants to grab some thrilling living for itself

And if a large majority of women were SCUM they could acquire complete control of this country within a few weeks simply by withdrawing from the labor force thereby paralyzing the entire nation

Additional measures any one of which would be sufficient to completely disrupt the economy and everything else would be for women to declare themselves off the money system stop buying just loot and simply refuse to obey all laws they don t care to obey

The police force National Guard Army Navy and Marines combined couldn t squelch a rebellion of over half the population particularly when it s made up of people they are utterly helpless without

If all women simply left men refused to have anything to do with any of them ever all men the government and the national economy would collapse completely

Even without leaving men women who are aware of the extent of their superiority to and power over men could acquire complete control over everything within a few weeks could effect a total submission of males to females

In a sane society the male would trot along obediently after the female

The male is docile and easily led easily subjected to the domination of any female who cares to dominate him

The male in fact wants desperately to be led by females wants Mama in charge wants to abandon himself to her care

But this is not a sane society and most women are not even dimly aware of where they re at in relation to men

The conflict therefore is not between females and males but between SCUM dominant secure self confident nasty violent selfish independent proud thrill seeking free wheeling arrogant females who consider themselves fit to rule the universe who have free wheeled to the limits of this society and are ready to wheel on to something far beyond what it has to offer and nice passive accepting cultivated polite dignified subdued dependent scared mindless insecure approval seeking Daddy s Girls who can t cope with the unknown who want to continue to wallow in the sewer that is at least familiar who want to hang back with the apes who feel secure only with Big Daddy standing by with a big strong man to lean on and with a fat hairy face in the White House who are too cowardly to face up to the hideous reality of what a man is what Daddy is who have cast their lot with the swine who have adapted themselves to animalism feel superficially comfortable with it and know no other way of life who have reduced their minds thoughts and sights to the male level who lacking sense imagination and wit can have value only in a male society who can have a place in the sun or rather in the slime only as soothers ego boosters relaxers and breeders who are dismissed as inconsequents by other females who project their deficiencies their maleness onto all females and see the female as a worm

But SCUM is too impatient to hope and wait for the de brainwashing of millions of assholes

Why should the swinging females continue to plod dismally along with the dull male ones

Why should the fates of the groovy and the creepy be intertwined

Why should the active and imaginative consult the passive and dull on social policy

Why should the independent be confined to the sewer along with the dependent who need Daddy to cling to

A small handful of SCUM can take over the country within a year by systematically fucking up the system selectively destroying property and murder SCUM will become members of the unwork force the fuck up force they will get jobs of various kinds and unwork

For example SCUM salesgirls will not charge for merchandise SCUM telephone operators will not charge for calls SCUM office and factory workers in addition to fucking up their work will secretly destroy equipment

SCUM will unwork at a job until fired then get a new job to unwork at

SCUM will forcibly relieve bus drivers cab drivers and subway token sellers of their jobs and run buses and cabs and dispense free tokens to the public

SCUM will destroy all useless and harmful objects cars store windows Great Art etc

Eventually SCUM will take over the airwaves radio and TV networks by forcibly relieving of their jobs all radio and TV employees who would impede SCUM s entry into the broadcasting studios

SCUM will couple bust barge into mixed male female couples wherever they are and bust them up

SCUM will kill all men who are not in the Men s Auxiliary of SCUM

Men in the Men s Auxiliary are those men who are working diligently to eliminate themselves men who regardless of their motives do good men who are playing ball with SCUM

A few examples of the men in the Men s Auxiliary are men who kill men biological scientists who are working on constructive programs as opposed to biological warfare journalists writers editors publishers and producers who disseminate and promote ideas that will lead to the achievement of SCUM s goals faggots who by their shimmering flaming example encourage other men to de man themselves and thereby make themselves relatively inoffensive men who consistently give things away money things services men who tell it like it is so far not one ever has who put women straight who reveal the truth about themselves who give the mindless male females correct sentences to parrot who tell them a woman s primary goal in life should be to squash the male sex to aid men in this endeavor SCUM will conduct Turd Sessions at which every male present will give a speech beginning with the sentence I am a turd a lowly abject turd then proceed to list all the ways in which he is

His reward for so doing will be the opportunity to fraternize after the session for a whole solid hour with the SCUM who will be present

Nice clean living male women will be invited to the sessions to help clarify any doubts and misunderstandings they may have about the male sex makers and promoters of sex books and movies etc who are hastening the day when all that will be shown on the screen will be Suck and Fuck males like the rats following the Pied Piper will be lured by Pussy to their doom will be overcome and submerged by and will eventually drown in the passive flesh that they are drug pushers and advocates who are hastening the dropping out of men

Being in the Men s Auxiliary is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for making SCUM s escape list it s not enough to do good to save their worthless asses men must also avoid evil

A few examples of the most obnoxious or harmful types are rapists politicians and all who are in their service campaigners members of political parties etc

lousy singers and musicians Chairmen of Boards Breadwinners landlords owners of greasy spoons and restaurants that play Musak Great Artists cheap pikers and welchers cops tycoons scientists working on death and destruction programs or for private industry practically all scientists liars and phonies disc jockeys men who intrude themselves in the slightest way on any strange female real estate men stock brokers men who speak when they have nothing to say men who loiter idly on the street and mar the landscape with their presence double dealers flim flam artists litterbugs plagiarizers men who in the slightest way harm any female all men in the advertising industry psychiatrists and clinical psychologists dishonest writers journalists editors publishers etc

censors on both the public and private levels all members of the armed forces including draftees LBJ and McNamara give orders but servicemen carry them out and particularly pilots if the bomb drops LBJ won t drop it a pilot will

In the case of a man whose behavior falls into both the good and bad categories an overall subjective evaluation of him will be made to determine if his behavior is in the balance good or bad

It is most