2002 Refugia [EN]


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REFUGIA A place of relatively unaltered climate that is inhabited by plants and animals during a period of continental climate change as a glaciation and remains as a center of relict forms from which a new dispersion and speciation may take place after climatic readjustment

WEBSTER S NEW COLLEGIATE DICTIONARY 1976 REFUGIA Sections of agricultural fields planted with nontransgenic crops alternating with transgenic crops

This is thought to slow the rate of resistance mutation caused in susceptible insect and weed species by gene transfer from GM Genetically Modi fied monoculture crops

REFUGIA A Becoming Autonomous Zone BAZ of desirous mixings and recombinations splic ing fe male sexual liber ation and auto nomy with cyber feminist skills theory embodiment and political activism

REFUGIA A critical space of liberated social becoming and intellectual life a space liberated from capitalist Taylorized production a space of unregulated unmanaged time for creative exchange and play experimental action and learning desiring production cooking eating and skill sharing

REFUGIA A reproducible concept that can be adapted to various climates economies and geographical regions worldwide

Any useless space can be claimed as a refugium Suburban lawns vacant urban lots rooftops the edges of agricultural lands clear cut zones in forests appropri ated sections of monoculture fields fallow land weed lots transitional land battlefields office buildings squats etc

Also currently existing Refugia such as multi cultivar rice paddies companion planted fields organic farms home vegetable gardens etc

REFUGIA A postmodern commons a resistant biotech victory garden a space of convivial tinkering a commonwealth in which common law rules

Not a retreat but a space resistant to mono culture in all its social environmental libidinal political and genetic forms

REFUGIA A habitat for new AMOs Autonomously Modified Organism and agit crops for example ProActiva an herb that is a grafting of witch root man drake and all heal

REFUGIA A place of asylum for the recuperation regeneration and re engineering of essential crops that have been corrupted by capitalist viruses and agri business greed

REFUGIA A space of imaginative inertia that slows down the engines of corporate agro biotech and allows time to assess its risks and benefits through long term testing

REFUGIA Neither a utopia nor a dystopia but a haunted space for reverse engineering monstrous graftings spontaneous generation recombination difference poly versity hybridization wildlings mutations mongrelizing crop circles anomalies useless beauty coalitions agit crops and unseemly sproutings

Biotech and transgenic work in Refugia will be based on desire consensual public risk assessment informed amateur experimentation contestational politics nourishment and taste value non proprietary expertise convivial delight and healing

REFUGIA subRosa s on going cyberfeminist hothouse of strategies and tactical actions