2014 Gynepunk Manifesto [EN]

Gynepunk Manifesto

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Radical change of perspective about medical technology artifacts professional and medical institution

Science Visceral DEcolonization

DEScolonización Científica Visceral version español

Medical institutions use prohibitive and creepy technologies patriarchal conservatives and dark methodologies to diagnosis to read them and apply their vivisection treatments

In gynecology particular case it s reach an inquisitive paternalistic and fascistic attitudes

To make a fucking simple yeast or gardenella exam for name any it seem not enough to swallow tortuous waiting rooms of the CAP public assistance health centers or being compel to answer as accumulated vomits bureaucratic statistical forms that performs a role of popular judges of your practices capacities or choices

Gossip questions full of moral pervert scorn seeking data about your promiscuity drug use sexual orientation hygienic practices or squat relations just cause how your look

don t mention abortion now is just like talk about sorcery

a politic anachronism

The technical control of the diagnosis generates extreme dependence an a classicist deep gap of knowledge

Patients are ignorant slaves of lab diagnosis technologies that send a message only translated and read by the doctors that in some kind of possession of the clinic oraculo have the only sacred truth


There s no need of hi tech machines for some tests

not even phd s in microbiologic surgery to generate accurate and self aware diagnosis

I don t want to be forced to enter into their hygienist temples in veiled body jails in those fabrics of corporal standardization and sickness limited parameters

I want glandular heretics akelarres gynepunks DIY abortive pots midwife gangs glitter abortions spill placenta in every corner hack analytic technics ephemeral biolabs DIT labs hi tech nursery secret meetings black coats chess coats

Self blood donations extract our own blood and trough it like a furious volcanic river of our anger in the door of the fucking parlament

gynepunk is a extreme and accurate gesture to detach our boudy of the compulsive dependency of the fossil structures of the hegemonic health system machine

gynepunk s objective is to make emerge DIY DIT accessible diagnosis labs and technics in extreme experimentation down the rocks or elevators if is necesary

Has to be possible in a situated stable place or and in nomadic mobile labs

Has to be able to perform as much as WE WANT in a intensive way smears fluid analysis biopsy PAPs synthesize hormones at will blood exams urinalysis HIV tests pain reliefs or what ever WE NEED

Hack and build our own ultrasound endoscope or ecography devices in a low cost way

All this in a strict complementation with herbs and natural knowledges oral traditions submarine recipes seeking with hunger generate superavit of DIY lubricants anti conceptives open doula domains savage caring of any visceral hands on technologies as menstrual extraction all elevated at maximun potential of common learning and radical self body power

gynepunk is based in scientific methodology and discipline and in the knowledge that comes thought the experience of each body ancestral body wisdom that s why documentation memory in any form is essential

in ANY format visual treasures sound mines microscopic riddles biologic cabinets microbiologic growing centers online seedbanks fluids archives fanzine paper sms oral decoding chorus self vudu healing rituals

Like this other gynepunks will ferment and mutate going fast forward to a explosive and expansive movement towards radical experiments collective strong confidence to build our body politics

Something that is Vital to share and spread in infinite pandemoniums

no body can burn US


the witches NOW have the flames Ahora las brujas tenemos las llamas



It is called all the ceremonies that the Machi

It has the power to expel and heal image diseases

It is the intermediary between the Mapuche people and the Wenu Mapu

Through the rogations gives health and wellness to the community and has a deep knowledge of the Lawen she makes their petitions against the Rewe

Some healing rituals practiced by the Machi are Pelotun Geykurewen Mutxuntu Datun likan Mapudungun