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Pechblenda lab


Sick of the filthy dust montonous and boring of stagnant unbreathable competitive and excluding environments of semi free information which is actually totally controlled power and decision of hunched up egocentric and infantile machos

Tired of repressed impenetrable and homogenous bodies we are resetting and migrating our bodies modificable codes lubricated and fluid far from this sad landscape

Tired of the useless and recursive manipulation of information we study construct and fail with all that is around us with multiple monstruous and hateful ends

From the expansion of information to the mutation of dispositives we want to hack and recodify everything that is static and programmed by social and technological imposition

PECHBLENDA is injected into our veins as an antidote to the heteropatriarchal arrogance that surrounds us

A disturbance a transhackerfeminist electronic distortion

We have found the place for our rituals we had dreamed it written it in science fiction

Now we live it with high voltage potentiality with the intensity of the shadows taking off together with desires in common with our differences

The walls tremble and the water penetrates the tiny holes it expands like an unbreakable code exciting our neurons we change the apparent path of events transiting antimelodies noise as arithmetic opening outside of the calculated and homogenous noise feeding unlimited experimentation

If we cant make noise its not our revolution

Improvised performance creating and breaking codes constructing hybrid machines

Beat roots and obscure mutant landscapes that become the uncontrollable secretions of our desires

Electronautics and bioelectricity that chemically saturate the environment the acid smell of our hormones shakes the space resituated amongst cables resistences condensors and corrosive liquids

Nature and technology are not different nature was to the witches what technoscience is to us the cyborg witches

We infiltrate the machine with our hands sweat and disperse attention we prepare ourselves for inexact verification where the apparent error is desired where we fail fuck we are

We are geek whores cyborg bitches

We devour Haraway and Asimov Preciado and Python manuals Itziar Ziga and Neil Stephenson Margulis and Despentes hackmeetings and transfeminist workshps DIY electronics and sexual bricolage we absorb PDFs of electronics theory y listen to psicofonias from around we read and design circuits and experiment with them in our bodies

We scream noise and cyborg covens soldering and alchemy we spit out performances and install gnu linux we love recycling and reparing with our breasts bared

We laugh about everything about ourselves we detest the politically correct

We parody what is socially understood to be feminine what is supposed to be masculine

We question the identity of assigned genders we exagerate it ridiculise it

Extremely sexual ironic sarcastic we love to party to not sleep to take drugs if we feel like it to go with our friends or to finish a circuit or improvise an eternal noise jam

Fed by pornoterrrorism and free culture we know how to use our claws and teeth if needs be

Pechblenda lab was born out of the necessity to generate a space in Calafou a community in a large former industrial space for us to flourish a non patriarchal TransHackFeminist space where free knowledge springs from raw experimentation electronic repairs experiments with turbines bioelectrochemistry sound and self education